Structure and content

The LAT consists of two writing tasks. The tasks are designed to measure aptitudes and skills in the areas of critical thinking and understanding and the organisation and expression of ideas. The LAT does not require any knowledge specific to Law.

The test is 2 hours in duration including 10 minutes of reading and planning time per writing task. There is no break between the writing tasks.

Task 1: The first task is a written response which requires candidates to critically analyse and evaluate the arguments presented in the material provided.

Task 2: The second task is also a written response and requires candidates to process a selection of different types of material (text and graphic) and provide their own arguments about the issue contained in the material.

Assessment focuses on critical thinking and understanding. Each task is scored using a set of specifically designed assessment criteria related to critical thinking and the focus of the particular task. In the criteria, consideration is also given to the way candidates express themselves.