Structure and content

LAT is a computer-based, extended writing test that allows candidates to demonstrate their aptitude and skills for studying Law at UNSW Sydney.

LAT tasks

LAT consists of 2 computer-based writing tasks designed to measure aptitudes and skills in the areas of critical thinking and understanding, and the organisation and expression of ideas. LAT does not require any knowledge specific to Law.

Task A is a written response that requires candidates to critically analyse and evaluate the arguments presented in the material provided.

Task B is also a written response and requires candidates to process a selection of different types of material (text and graphic) and provide their own arguments about the issue contained in the material.

To view the structure of LAT, please see the sample test paper provided on the practice material page.

LAT is a computer-based exam. Candidates will sit using a computer either at a test centre or via remote proctoring.

Test timing

LAT is 2 hours (120 minutes) in duration, which includes 20 minutes of recommended reading and planning time. Pens are allowed to be used during this time.

The following table shows the structure of LAT by section and time.

Task Number of questions Recommended reading and planning time Recommended test writing time
A 1 10 minutes 50 minutes
B 1 10 minutes 50 minutes
  Total test time: 120 minutes

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no break between the writing tasks.


Assessment for LAT focuses on critical thinking and understanding. Each task is scored using a set of specifically designed assessment criteria related to critical thinking and the focus of the particular task. In the criteria, consideration is also given to the way candidates express themselves. Candidates are not assessed on the correctness of the ideas or attitudes they display, but the substance and subtlety of their ideas.