Prohibited Items

There are certain items that are not allowed on your desk or near you during your test session. These include, but are not limited to:

  • mobile phones
  • calculators
  • stop watches
  • dictionaries
  • tablets
  • audio or recording devices of any kind, including cameras and MP3 players
  • digital watches and fitbits
  • smart watches
  • smart glasses
  • notes (except those written during the test on your blank paper)
  • pencil cases
  • rulers
  • highlighters
  • earplugs (remote proctored sittings)
  • bluetooth devices such as headphones
  • head coverings (unless worn for religious reasons)
  • dual monitors (remote proctored sittings)

The use of these unpermitted items will be considered an act of misconduct.

Access to food (including sweets and nuts), earplugs, medication or other medical equipment during the test can only be allowed if you have been granted the relevant reasonable adjustment for your sitting. Please refer to the reasonable adjustments page for further information.

Smoking/vaping is not permitted during your test.