A concession registration fee is available to candidates located in Australia who hold a valid Health Care Card (HCC) or Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) issued by the Australian Government Services Australia, or who are listed as dependants on the current HCC or PCC of a parent or guardian.

To be eligible for the concession registration fee:

  • your card must be signed by the cardholder; AND
  • your card must be valid at the time of LAT registration; AND
  • your name must appear on the card and it must match the name on the LAT registration; AND
  • you must submit a copy of both sides of the card to the LAT Office BEFORE you register for LAT.

Please note, student cards, Medicare cards, transport concession cards, private health insurance membership cards and Community Service cards DO NOT make you eligible for concession.

The concession registration fee is not available to overseas candidates. Candidates who reside outside Australia will be charged the full fee upon registration, even if they have approved supporting evidence.

Only holders of a valid HCC or PCC are eligible for the concession registration fee; claims of financial hardship based on other criteria cannot be considered.

How to apply

Applications for fee concession MUST be processed BEFORE registering and paying to sit LAT.

To apply:

  • login to your ACER account
  • click Apply under the Apply for Concession fee section of your Welcome page
  • upload a scan/photo of both sides of your HCC/PCC card
  • click Submit
  • when your supporting evidence has been reviewed, you will receive an email notification prompting you to log back into your ACER account
  • login to your ACER account to determine whether further action is required
  • if no further action is required, proceed with your LAT registration
    Note, if your application for concession is approved, the concession fee will automatically display when you complete your LAT registration.