After the test

When will I receive my results?

LAT results will be released to candidates between mid to late November 2022. Results will be available to download via your online account. Please see the information on the Results page.

How long will results be valid?

Your LAT result will be valid for two years. For example, if you are in Year 11 in 2022 and sit the test, you can use your LAT result for your application for admission to Law in 2024.

Can I appeal a test result?

Each LAT writing piece will be examined and marked by two expert assessors and results will only be released after careful calculation and checking. LAT results will be final and no appeals will be allowed.

Can I sit the test more than once?

You can sit the test more than once and only your best valid LAT result will be considered for entry.

Note: The LAT will be offered only once per year and LAT results are only valid for two years.

What if I also sat the LAT in 2021 and got a higher score?

LAT scores are valid for two years. If you sat the LAT in 2021, and sit again in 2022, UNSW will use your higher LAT score to assess you for admission.

When you submit your application to UAC, you should use your LAT identification number for the LAT 2022. You will only be able to enter one LAT ID number in the UAC system, regardless of whether you have sat the test twice.

Note: The LAT identification number for the LAT 2022 is a 9-digit number beginning with 22- - - - - - -.

To access your LAT results and identification number(s), you can log in to your online account to view your previous test registrations and results statements.