Before the test

Can I sit the test?

The LAT is a requirement for domestic applicants* who wish to study Undergraduate Law Degree programs (Double Law UAC code 426000 and Psychology (Honours)/Law UAC code 426060) at UNSW Sydney. Please see the information on the Eligibility page.

Applicants undertaking the UNSW Indigenous Pre-Law program or the UNSW Gateway program are not required to sit the LAT. International applicants and students in year 10 or lower, are not eligible to sit the LAT.

*Australian citizens and permanent residents and New Zealand citizens. 

What is the LAT and why was it introduced?

Demand to study Law at UNSW is strong and places are limited. The LAT was introduced to enable UNSW to gain a more rounded view of your capabilities. The LAT consists of 2 questions requiring written responses. It is designed to assess aptitudes and skills related to success in studying Law, such as critical thinking and expressing ideas. Your LAT score will be combined with your ATAR and/or other academic results in the selection process. Please read the information on the About page. 

Who administers the test?

The LAT is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) on behalf of UNSW for selection into undergraduate level programs in Law.

How do I register?

Read the information on the Register page. The email address registered on your account will be used for all communication from the LAT Office, including information on how to access your Admission Ticket and results.

How much does it cost to sit?

In 2023, the full LAT registration fee is $199 AUD (GST inclusive), or $100 AUD (GST inclusive) if eligible for the concession fee. Please read the information on the Fees and payment page.

An additional $50 AUD late fee applies for all registrations completed after 5:00 pm AEST Friday 11 August 2023 and before 5:00 pm AEST Wednesday 6 September 2023.

How will I know if my registration is successful?

After completing your registration, you will be sent a confirmation email.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, this may be because you have entered your email address incorrectly or because you have a Hotmail or Yahoo account and have not put in your personal address book.

If you are applying for the concession registration fee, your registration will not be confirmed until you submit the required documentation. See the Fees and payment.

I live in a remote location/interstate/outside Australia and cannot attend a test centre.  How can I take the test?

To ensure that you do not miss out on sitting the LAT because of where you live, you can register to sit the LAT via remote proctoring at a suitable location when you register for the LAT. Please see the information on the Apply for remote proctoring and Sitting the LAT by remote proctoring pages. 

When can I sit the test?

The LAT will be held on Thursday 28 September 2023. Please refer to the information on the Register page.

Are there any practice papers or study materials available?

A Sample Test for the LAT is available to download from the website. An interactive version is also available online via the candidate's ACER account. Please see the Practice material page for more information.

Please note: no hard copy material will be posted to you.

What is my LAT number?

Your LAT number is the registration ID that you were issued when you registered to sit the Law Admission Test. To view your registration ID number:

  • log in to your ACER account
  • use the 'Manage registration' button
  • your registration ID will be listed under the 'Registration Details' section.