Register for remote proctoring

How remote proctoring works

Remote proctoring for the LAT test is provided by Meazure Learning (external site).

Remote proctoring involves a candidate sitting an online test under live supervision, using their own computer, in a suitable location with internet connectivity. You should watch the Meazure Learning (parent company for ProctorU) Test-Taker Experience clip to gain an understanding of how remote proctoring works.

Please note that Meazure Learning is based in the United States and by electing to sit the test by remote proctoring, you will be required to provide personal information to an overseas entity. Please refer to the privacy statement for further information about how your personal information will be collected, stored and used by Meazure Learning.

  Remote proctored tests must be completed on the same day as the test centre sittings: Thursday 28 September 2023.

Technical readiness and requirements

Before you register to sit the test by remote proctoring, you will need to ensure that you have the equipment necessary to conduct the online test session. Please click on this link to review the Meazure Learning's (the remote proctoring company's) minimum technical specifications. The requirements include a functioning web camera and microphone to connect with the remote proctor and a stable internet connection. You will need to test your computer at your intended test venue to ensure that your equipment and venue can support your test sitting.

Whilst you can sit at any suitable location, you are advised not to sit the test at public locations such as schools, universities and libraries, as the network firewall at these places will likely block your connection to Meazure Learning, which will prevent you from sitting the test. Please refer to the Remote Proctoring Information and Step-by-Step Guide 2023 for more detailed information about test room requirements.

Your test session will be delivered via a live connection to the remote proctor. Remote proctoring requires an online test application to be run on the computer that you intend to sit the test with. It is important that you download and install the application prior to proceeding with your test registration, as you will not be able to sit the test without having the application ready to use on your test day.

You will also need to download and install a specific Meazure Learning browser before sitting your test (information provided in the Remote Proctoring Information and Step-by-Step Guide for Candidates 2023). If you are unable to install the test application and browser on your computer, or if your equipment or venue does not meet the requirements for the test, you will not be able to sit the test via remote proctoring.

Please also view the detailed test delivery information for sitting the LAT by remote proctoring prior to registering for the test.

Scheduling conditions

When candidates have completed their LAT test registration, they will receive an email with links and instructions to create a Meazure Learning ProctorU account and schedule their test session. Candidates will not be able to sit their test without a scheduled test session. Session times are booked on a first-come, first-served basis so we recommend candidates schedule a session as soon as possible after completing their registration. The deadline for scheduling a test session with Meazure Learning is 72 hours prior to the test. Candidates who do not schedule their test session with Meazure Learning before Monday 25 September 2023 will forfeit the test fee paid unless a request has been submitted to cancel the LAT 2023 registration by the close of the late registration deadline.

Candidates must use the same email for both their ACER and Meazure Learning ProctorU accounts. The scheduled test start time will be strictly prescribed as follows:

  • For candidates in Australia, the test start time will be a local time that corresponds to 10 am to 5 pm AEST on Thursday 28 September 2023.
  • For overseas candidates, a suitable local time that corresponds to a time between 10 am and 5 pm AEST on Thursday 28 September 2023.

Please download and refer to the Remote Proctoring Information and Step-by-Step Guide for Candidates 2023 for information on how to register, schedule, and sit your test via remote proctoring.