Sitting the LAT by remote invigilation

Candidates approved to sit the LAT by remote invigilation must arrange for a suitable location and invigilator to oversee the test sitting. 

The ACER LAT Office will contact nominated remote invigilators to ensure that the LAT will be conducted under secure, standardised testing conditions. Please view the remote invigilation test room guidelines to assist with sourcing an appropriate test venue. Requirements for test venues for remote invigilation include:

  • An appropriate workstation, free from distractions, noise and prohibited materials
  • Consideration of temperature, lighting and ventilation.
  • Timekeeping capability (e.g. visible clock).

LAT test papers will be sent to remote invigilators prior to the LAT test day. Remote invigilators are required to keep these papers secure prior to, during, and after the LAT test sitting. ACER will also arrange for the secure return of papers for marking.

Candidates and remote invigilators are advised that the conditions for sitting the LAT in a test centre are also applicable for remote invigilation. This includes the requirement for candidates to present for the LAT with a valid Admission Ticket and appropriate photo-bearing identification. The LAT misconduct and permitted testing aids procedures also apply for test sessions conducted by remote invigilation.

Candidates and nominated remote invigilators must also agree to ACER terms and conditions for remote invigilation arrangements. Candidates will be required to complete a remote invigilation declaration as part of the LAT application process. Remote invigilators will be required to complete agreements including:

  • Suitability to Perform the Role of Remote Invigilator
  • Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Declaration; and
  • Remote Test Invigilator Code of Conduct.

These forms will be sent to nominated remote invigilators after candidates have registered for the LAT.

Candidates should also view the following page regarding applying for remote invigilation for the LAT, and the Remote Invigilation Process for Candidates – LAT 2018, with specific reference to the remote invigilation application deadlines.  

Candidates and nominated remote invigilators who require further information about the remote invigilation requirements are advised to contact the LAT Office for advice.